Format: Vinyl
Artist: XTC
CatNo: APELP113
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XTC Skylarking Andy Partridge Todd Rundgren Vinyl
XTC's ever popular Todd Rundgren produced Skylarking available on a single vinyl LP with all 15 tracks for the first time ever.*
- Beautifully mastered for single LP from the corrected polarity masters by Jason at Loud Mastering
- Pressed on 200g vinyl
- Lyric sheet included
* The original LP didn’t include Dear God. After DG was a hit, Mermaid Smiled was dropped on later versions to include Dear God. The full album has only been on vinyl in 2LP deluxe editions playing at 45RPM.
Side One
1 Summer's Cauldron
2 Grass
3 The Meeting Place
4  That's Really Super, Supergirl
5  Ballet for a Rainy Day
6  1000 Umbrellas
7  Season Cycle
Side Two
1  Earn Enough for Us
2  Big Day
3 Another Satellite
4 Mermaid Smiled
5 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
6 Dear God
7 Dying
8 Sacrificial Bonfire