Format: Vinyl
Artist: Yes
CatNo: 0081227971571_BB
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Yes Close_To_The_Edge Vinyl Roger_Dean Bill_Bruford Signed
Originally released in 1972, Close to the Edge was the fifth studio album by Yes and arguably represented the band - and Progressive Rock as a genre -at its creative peak.
Containing three of the band's finest long-form pieces, including the live favourite, Siberian Khatru, the epic ballad And You And I and the masterful side-long title suite, despite its wilful experimentation, Close To The Edge was an enormous hit worldwide.
This is a 180gm vinyl edition featuring the original Roger Dean gatefold artwork.
Signed by Bill Bruford.
Side One
1. Close To The Edge (18:50)
I. The Solid Time of Change
II. Total Mass Retain
III. I Get Up, I Get Down
IV. Seasons of Man 
Side Two
1. And You And I (10:09)
I. Cord of Life
II. Eclipse
III. The Preacher the Teacher
IV. Apocalypse  
2. Siberian Khatru (8:57)