Format: CD
Artist: Light Of Day
CatNo: LOD01CD
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Light Of Day Dimensions Japan CD
Dimensions is the first album by Light Of Day, a collaboration between Robert Dean (Japan, Sinéad O’Connor, Gary Numan, etc.) and Costa Rican vocalist/songwriter Isaac Moraga. 
Created over a two-year period, the album ranges from ambient guitar-based soundscapes to vibrant and expansive song structures with a sense of depth that belies a simple ‘Rock’, ‘Pop’ or ‘Electronic’ categorisation.   
The album has been produced, arranged and mixed by Robert and Isaac with assistance from Ed Buller (Suede, Psychedelic Furs), amongst others.
After more than two decades, this eclectic project marks the welcome return to music of Robert Dean.
CD in digisleeve.
1 Dimensions
2 Doll
3 Escape
4 Interlude I
5 Harlequin's Carnival
6 Naïve
7 Interlude II/Find The Light
8 The Centre Of Myself
9 Suddenly (Ed Buller Mix)
10 Interlude III (российская зима)
11 Still Time
12 The Vastness