Format: CD
Artist: Bernhard Wagner
CatNo: BS_205_CD
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cd Bernhard Wagner Fourth Night
Rich, meditative and cohesive, The Fourth Night is a highly accomplished debut release which provides an ideal example of Zurich-based Bernhard Wagner's focused eclecticism.
Featuring occasional understated vocal contributions and drawing from Ambient, Pop and Progressive genres, Wagner develops his melodious guitar looping style (previously heard on the Pedaltone project) into something hugely accessible and emotionally compelling.
1. The Fourth Night   (06:08)
2. How It Came About (05:31)
3. La Quête (02:59)
4. L'Eau (04:27)
5. Le Sable (06:48)
6. La Mémoire (03:30)
7. Le Menhir (06:59)
8. La Lueur (08:15)
9. Math Towns (02:44)
10. Reprise (00:55)

Many thanks to Andy Butler, Matthias Grob, Matthias Gnehm, Simon Grab.

Tracks 1, 2, 10 were recorded at my in studio Zurich CH 2005.
Tracks 3 to 8 were recorded at Andy Butler's Studio in Norwich UK 2005.
Track 9 was recorded in Matthias Grob's mountain cabin in Mathon CH 2004.