Format: CD
Artist: Burnt Belief
CatNo: ALCD1029
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Burnt Belief Emergent cd
Inspired by the unspoken and hidden truths behind our daily reality, Emergent is the third in a trilogy of collaborative works by bassist Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree/Metallic Taste of Blood/O.R.k etc) and experimental US guitarist Jon Durant.
Emergent builds on Burnt Belief's previous work, whilst still exploring the fundamental aspects that define the duo's sonic world (hypnotic rhythmic elements blended with lush guitar soundscapes and deep  atmospherics).  
Drummer Vinny Sabatino, brings an inventive, muscular and precise beat to complement Colin Edwin's expansive  and expressive fretless and upright basses, and Durant's inventive guitar excursions.
Including the gradually unfolding nine and half minute title track, Emergent is a thought provoking meditation on the unstoppable changes that surround us all.
A genre-defying journey.
1. The Bubble Bursts (6.02) 
2. More Snow (6.10) 
3. The Confidence of Ignorance (5.06) 
4. Emergent (9.32) 
5. Until the Stars Go Out (6.26) 
6. Language of Movement (7.01) 
7. Turning Torso (10.11) 
8 Ghosts Aquatic (6.21)