Format: CD
Artist: Burnt Belief (Colin Edwin & Jon Durant)
CatNo: ALCD1028
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Burnt Belief Etymology cd
Bassist Colin Edwin and guitarist Jon Durant return under their Burnt Belief moniker to release a new album of progressive ethno-ambient fusion instrumentals
Whilst still retaining the strong sonic identity laid down on predecessor Burnt Belief, Etymology represents an expansion and natural evolution of the duo's sound, partly due to the input of three highly accomplished drummers (Vinny Sabatino, Dean McCormick and Jose Duque) who complement and reinforce the existing programmed electronic rhythms.
Etymology is further enriched by some sensitive, electric violin performances from highly regarded Classical musician Steve Bingham (also known for his evocative work with No-Man).
1 Chromatique 7.12
2 Dissemble 4.36
3 Precis 5.13
4 Hraunfossar 6.39
5 Convergence 5.22
6 Rivulet  7.06
7 White Keys 6.02
8 Not Indifferent 11.04
9 Hover 5.22
10 Chimera 6.37
11 Squall 6.01
Colin Edwin - Basses /Programming
Jon Durant - Guitars
with :
Vinny Sabatino - Drums (1, 3, 5, 8,10)
Dean McCormick - Drums (4, 7)
Jose Duque - Drums (6)
Steve Bingham Violin (2,11)