Format: Cassette
Artist: Paul Draper
CatNo: KSCOPE540
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Paul Draper Spooky Action Mansun Cassette
A very limited cassette edition of Paul Draper’s Top 20 debut solo album from 2017.
Spooky Action is Draper's strongest, most consistent set of songs to date and represents a lifetime’s work condensed into 60 plus minutes of perfectly formed music.
Includes a two track download mp3 of 'Don't Poke The Bear' and 'Things People Want' available on your account page after purchase.
Please note the final copy has a cracked case. Sold as seen. 
1. Don't Poke The Bear [6:48]
2. Grey House [4:43]
3. Things People Want [3:58]
4. Who's Wearing The Trousers [4:45]
5. Jealousy Is A Powerful Emotion [5:38]
6. Friends Make The Worst Enemies [6:48]
7. Feeling My Heart Run Slow [4:26]
8. You Don't Really Know Someone, Til You Fall Out With Them [5:35]
9. Can't Get Fairer Than That [3:13]
10. Feel Like I Wanna Stay [2:45]
11. The Inner Wheel [5:22]