Format: CD
Artist: Craft
CatNo: EXM020
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Craft First Signs Definitive Edition CD
The long deleted sole album by Progressive band, Craft: William Gilmour (ex-Enid), Martin Russell (ex-Enid / Afro Celt Sound System) and Grant Gilmour (Pride Of Passion).
With artwork by William Gilmour and liner notes by Martin Russell (detailing the history of the band and the making of the album), the original 1984 recording is supplemented by eight bonus tracks. 
“While the music is in some ways similar to the symphonic music of Enid, it also explores a more rock-oriented approach.” - AllMusic
“One of the lost little gems of the dark years of Prog Rock.” - Prog Archives
1 Aries
2 Taurus
3 Gemini
4 Cancer
5 Leo
6 Virgo
7 Despina
8 Dmitri’s Lament
9 Taurus (1989 remix)
10 Gemini (1989 remix)
11 Cancer (1989 remix)
12 Leo (1989 remix)
13 Branislava
14 And So To Sleep