Format: vinyl
Artist: Dead Can Dance
CatNo: DAD3628
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Dead Can Dance Garden Of The Arcane Delights vinyl
Garden Of The Arcane Delights is the only EP released by Dead Can Dance.
Released in 1984 it acted as a bridge between the band's first two albums. 
This 2016 expandedsees the EP faithfully pressed on to one piece of a vinyl at 45rpm, with the second disc compiling both of the band's sessions for John Peel, recorded in 1983 and 1984.
LP 1 - Garden Of The Arcane Delights:
Carnival Of Light
In Power We Entrust The Love
The Arcane
Flowers Of The Sea
LP 2 - The John Peel Sessions:
Instrumental (1983 Peel Session)
Labour Of Love (1983 Peel Session)
Ocean (1983 Peel Session)
Threshold (1983 Peel Session)
Flowers Of The Sea (1984 Peel Session)
Penumbra (1984 Peel Session)
Panacea (1984 Peel Session)
Carnival Of Light (1984 Peel Session)