Format: CD
Artist: Gazpacho
CatNo: KSCOPE614
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Gazpacho Tick Tock cd

A 2018 Kscope label mid-price cd edition of Gazpacho's fifth studio release from 2009 (originally released on HTW Records).

The album is based on the story of French writer and navigator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who took off in an attempt at a long distance flight from Paris to Saigon in 1935. He crashed in the Sahara Desert, stranded with his co pilot Prevot. Later he recounted his experience in a book called Wind, Sand and Stars and this forms the  conceptual basis of the Tick Tock album.

This edition features the bonus track Independence Day (an outtake from the Tick Tock sessions).

CD in digipak with 8 page booklet.

1. Desert Flight [07:39]
2. The Walk (part I) [08:03]
3. The Walk (part II) [05:39]
4. Tick Tock (part I) [07:16]
5. Tick Tock (part II) [09:39]
6. Tick Tock (part III) [05:30]
7. Winter Is Never [04:55]
Bonus Tracks
8. Independence Day (outtake/demo) [04:22]