Format: CD
Artist: Godsticks
CatNo: KSCOPE468
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Godsticks Faced with Rage cd

Fresh off a European tour with The Pineapple ThiefGodsticks’ went into the studio to finish work on 2017’s Faced With Rage

As hard-hitting as the band’s self-released 2015 album Emergence, Faced With Rage burns with a fearless energy and introduces a more industrial sound into the Godsticks mix.

Lyrically the album explores the theme of people dealing with emotional conflict in various scenarios. It features for the first time a four-piece line up, with drummer Tom Price bringing a more aggressive playing style to back up Darran Charles’ highly developed vocal technique. The drums and vocals were recorded at the world renowned Monnow Valley Studio in Wales (Led ZeppelinBlack SabbathRush and Manic Street Preachers).

CD in digipak with 12-page booklet.
1. Guilt [4:31]
2. Hard to Face [6:10]
3. Open your Eyes [5:04]
4. We are Leaving [6:49]
5. Angry Concern [6:34]
6. Avenge [3:56]
7. Revere [4:24]
8. Unforgivable [5:56]
9. Everdrive [8:02]
10. Fame and Silence [5:03]