Format: vinyl
Artist: Massive Attack
CatNo: LETV218LP
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Massive Attack Live At The Royal Albert Hall vinyl
Recorded in the Summer of 1998, this limited 140g double vinyl edition of Live At Royal Albert Hall contains versions of MA classics including Angel, Teardrop and Safe From Harm.
Featuring Daddy G, Del Naja, Horace Andy, Deborah Miller and Elisabeth Fraser.
A Let Them Eat Vinyl label release in gatefold cover.
Recorded on July 7th, 1998.
1. Angel 
2. Risingson 
3. Man Next Door
1. Daydreaming 
2. Teardrop 
3. Karmacoma
1. Hymn Of The Big Wheel 
2. Eurochild 
3. Spying Glass
1. Mezzanine 
2. One Love 
3. Safe From Harm 
4. Heart Miser