Format: Vinyl
Artist: Autopsy
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Californian gore-metallers Autopsy emerged in 1988 and had an almost immediate impact on the global underground Metal scene. 

Frontman Chris Reifert was already known due to his work as drummer with Florida's highly-respected Death Metal combo, Death, along with Chuck Schuldiner (who sadly passed away in 2001). 

Early 1991 saw the release of Autopsy's first EP, Retribution For The Dead, closely followed by their second album Mental Funeral. 

Mental Funeral, a brutal landmark which still makes it into many Metal journalists all-time charts, is now lauded as being the most important Autopsy album of all and is seen as practically defining the band's core sound and attitude.  

This vinyl edition of the album is issued on 180gm black heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.


Side A:
1. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay
2. In The Grip Of Winter
3. Fleshcrawl
4. Torn From The Womb
5. Slaughterday
6. Dead
Side B:
1. Robbing The Grave
2. Hole In The Head
3. Destined To Fester
4. Bonesaw
5. Dark Crusade
6. Mental Funeral