Format: CD
Artist: Pure Reason Revolution
CatNo: 19439989392
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Pure Reason Revolution Above Cirrus CD
Pure Reason Revolution returns with its fifth studio album, Above Cirrus (the band's second since reuniting in 2019).  
Based around the core trio of Jon Courtney, Chloe Alper and Greg Jong, Above Cirrus sees PRR reaching ever deeper into the atmospheric, cinematic psych-prog compositions that made the bands name. 
Limited edition CD in pocket pac, featuring striking artwork by Berlin artist Jill Tegan Doherty.
1 Our Prism 3:30 
2 New Kind of Evil 8:31 
3 Phantoms 3:30 
4 Cruel Deliverance 5:48 
5 Scream Sideways 10:05 
6 Dead Butterfly 6:49 
7 Lucid 6:58