Format: CD
Artist: The Pretty Things
CatNo: SMACDX1142
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the pretty things get the picture cd
The Pretty Things’ second album from 1965 on mid-price CD, featuring 6 bonus tracks.
In digipak with 8-page booklet.
"The Pretty Things always made ‘The Stones’ look tame, and I think the time has come for their renaissance.” - Dave Gilmour
On Get the Picture? the band were getting wilder and their music was getting better. The album featured two remarkable singles - Midnight To Six Man and Come See Me - and listed among the composing credits on Get The Picture? is Jimmy Page, the most in-demand session guitarist of the era.
1. You Don't Believe Me [02:22]
2. Buzz The Jerk [01:54]
3. Get The Picture? [01:55]
4. Can't Stand The Pain [02:41]
5. Rainin' In My Heart [02:30]
6. We'll Play House [02:33]
7. You'll Never Do It Baby [02:26]
8. I Had A Dream [02:58]
9. I Want Your Love [02:16]
10. London Town [02:26]
11. Cry To Me [02:51]
12. Gonna Find Me A Substitute [02:57]
Bonus Tracks
13. Get A Buzz [04:01]
14. Sittin' All Alone [02:47]
15. Midnight To Six Man [02:19]
16. Me Needing You [01:58]
17. Come See Me [02:39]
18. L.S.D. [02:24]