Format: CD
Artist: Rocking Horse Music Club
CatNo: RH1802-2
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Rocking Horse Music Club Every Change of Seasons CD
Every Change Of Seasons is the debut album from Rocking Horse Music Club, released in 2018 and now available outside the USA for the first time, exclusively through Burning Shed
Preceding the band's Anthony Phillips tribute album Which Way the Wind Blows, Every Change Of Seasons blends baroque pop with touches of gospel, acoustic, and progressive rock. The songs are loaded with Pet Sounds-inspired vocal harmonies, inventive chord sequences, vintage keyboard textures (analogue synths, taurus pedals, mellotron, optigan, hammond organ, and harpsichord), and 6 and 12-string guitars. 
This CD version of the album includes a 10 minute progressive rock suite (Piggy Logan’s Circus/Splitting Atoms), which isn't available digitally. 
Features the Independent Music Awards-winning song, Everywhere is Home.



1. Waiting for the Leaves to Change
2. Be Free
3. Roadblocks
4. Closer to the Sun
5. Everywhere is Home
6. Piggy Logan's Circus
7. Splitting Atoms