Format: CD
Artist: Tangerine Dream
CatNo: EREACD1023
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Soundtrack Sorcerer OST Tangerine Dream CD
Tangerine Dream's soundtrack to William Friedkin's 1976 film 'Sorcerer', was its first of many Hollywood commissions.
The last studio recording featuring the band's classic mid-1970s trio line-up - Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke and Peter Baumann - 'Sorcerer' was a typically thrilling, atmospheric and pulsating album release that remains one of Tangerine Dream's most commercially successful albums.
This new edition is re-mastered, restores the original album artwork and includes an illustrated booklet with a new essay.
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1. Main Title (5:28) 
2. Search (2:54) 
3. The Call (1:57) 
4. Creation (5:00) 
5. Vengeance (5:32) 
6. The Journey (2:00) 
7. Grind (3:01) 
8. Rain Forest (2:30) 
9. Abyss (7:04) 
10. The Mountain Road (1:53) 
11. Impressions Of Sorcerer (2:55) 
12. Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) (3:38) 
Peter Baumann - Synthesizer, piano, keyboards, Mellotron, Arp, Fender Rhodes, sequencing
Edgar Froese - Synthesizer, bass, guitar, piano, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, Mellotron, Oberheim, piano (Grand), Arp strings, Fender Stratocaster
Christopher Franke - Synthesizer, Moog synthesizer, Mellotron, Arp, Elka, Oberheim, sequencing, digital sequencing